July 20 2021 Babydot comes to life
Website and Token

Token launch. Website Launch. Dapp claim button. Marketing begins. Social media channels. Contests. 

August 2021 Getting out to the crypto world
Telling the story to the world

Coinsniper, coingecko, cmc, more marketing, community polls, competitions. 

September 2021 NFTs
Creating Art with the babydot

NFT's ,community artwork, marketing, did we say more marketing. Spreading the love. Rewards. 

01 Feb 2022 Marketplace
Marketplace for trading your babydots

Collectables and special community contests.

Help support the development of our own nft marketplace by purchasing one of the babydot nfts on airnft’s. Thank you for the support! Babydot is still one of the highest reward reflection tokens on binance smart chain.