Is a community owned passive income generating smart contract that has been custom coded to excel on binance smart chain

Why should you invest in babydot

Babydot offers the highest rewards generated by any token on the bsc network. Just hold babydot in your wallet and automatically yield passive income paid out in Polkadot *(wrapped dot on bsc). We made it easily available to manually claim anytime from our website so you can see your dot earnings. We believe that Polkadot is going to be the next big blockchain and a serious competitor to eth meaning that dot will increase in value in the future. 

Earn Polkadot

Passive Income



You can claim your Polkadot tokens at any time. Just connect your wallet and start.

We created a video showing you how to buy bDOT

Babydot NFT V1 are LIVE!!!

Buy your very own today. Limited!

Community owned
100% SAFU
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Join social media
channels and get involved

TOTAL SUPPLY : 101 tokens

WHALE PROTECTION : 1% max wallet!


Claim via the website or the contract!

10% Buy tax
-8% PolkaDot reflection
-2% Auto LP

20% Sell tax
-16% PolkaDot reflection
-4% Auto LP



As an anti whale measure there is a 50% tax on wallet to wallet transfers.This keeps the 1% max wallet feature easier to implement and people don't just buy transfer and buy more. We know some may create multiple wallets but we do our best to reduce whales. 

A percentage of each transaction gets converted to DOT. You automatically stake all your token, so you can claim your DOT at any time.
Every wallet can hold max.
1% of the initial supply.
A percentage of each transaction gets added to LP, this leads to a steadily raising price floor.
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As a community token, we want to reward those strong handed holders who don’t sell their babyDOT puppies.
The reward system is made in a way, where the tax generated reward pool is split in half. 50% of the reward pool is available as Polkadot for any and every holder to claim – but the real DIAMONDPAWS  – those who do not sell any babyDOT - have access to the other 50% as well!
Be careful though, these puppies are only loyal to the owner who can hold their leash strong, and be a real friend no matter the difficulty.



July 20 2021 Babydot comes to life
Website and Token

Token launch. Website Launch. Dapp claim button. Marketing begins. Social media channels. Contests. 

August 2021 Getting out to the crypto world
Telling the story to the world

Coinsniper, coingecko, cmc, more marketing, community polls, competitions. 

September 2021 NFTs
Creating Art with the babydot

NFT's ,community artwork, marketing, did we say more marketing. Spreading the love. Rewards. 

December 2021 Exchanges
Central exchange listing

Whitebit, Kucoin, Binance, Coinbase, sky is the limit. How far does the community want to take it. 

01 Feb 2022 Marketplace
Marketplace for trading your babydots

Collectables and special community contests.

We are constantly creating community competitions.